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Why self-adhesive Wall Murals?

We would like you to make a conscious choice of the substrate on which it is made ​​mural. Manufacturers, both on the Polish and European market print wallpapers using several materials that can be broadly described as substrates for indoor use. The most common and cheapest of them is blueback paper (paper with a low weight of 115g and a distinctive blue base), whose purpose is to be used in production of billboards. This substrate, as all paper is not waterproof and requires glue lubrication. Blueback is used for the production of billboards only because of its low price.

Experts who paste billboards have, what is called, "their ways", consisting of complete "bathing" of the poster in glue on both sides, which protects it from water. Applying this method at home istroublesome and can expose you to the claims of the rest of the household members. Moreover, billboards pasting quality leaves much to be desired, usually we watch them from a distance of 10 -20m, not seeing all the imperfections. 

Take a close look at billboards. Do you really want to have such quality of photo-wallpaper in your home?
Home method of attaching the photo-wallpapers printed on blueback , consists of lubricating it with glue (manufacturers recommend lubricating both walls and wallpapers) and sticking them on the wall. Unfortunately, blueback after soaking behaves like any wet paper , it wrinkles and above all is very vulnerable to mechanical damage, tearing, folding, sticking it to itself, etc. In practice, it looks as if very few people with no experience can manage to stick the photo-wallpaper perfectly and without damage.
Self-adhesive photo-wallpapers that offered  by Grafdeco are produced on materials provided by the largest manufacturers of self-adhesive substrates in the world - Oracal and 3M .
For more than 10 years of working in field of large format advertising , we pasted thousands square meters of premises, shop windows, cars, motorcycles and many other things, using different materials, using many different materials of many different manufacturers to ultimately choose the ones that are the best.
Grafdeco self-adhesive photo-wallpapers are a product of very high quality and do not require glue. Sticking them to the wall is as easy as sticking a sticker on a refrigerator (large sticker). Just clean the surface of the wall and stick. Photo-wallpapers of larger sizes are divided into vertical stripes with a width of about 70 - 80cm, thanks to that even the inexperienced people will cope with their pasting.
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